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Yasmeen Shabsough

, Jordan

Yasmeen Shabsough is 25 years old professional football player from Jordan and 4th Guinness World Record holder. A bachelor’s degree in marketing and currently pursuing her master’s studies at the AISTS Master of Advanced Studies in Sports Administration and Technology. Yasmeen joined her country’s national team in 2009 when she was 13 and progressively escalated her way up the senior’s team. She has been playing for 13 years now and still aiming for 13 more.

In (2016) Yasmeen was part of the Local Organizing Committee for the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup in Jordan. (2017 – August 2020) she decided to look at sports from a different perspective following her true belief in the power of sports as a human right and its contribution to education and community development, so she started working with GIZ Sport for Development project using sports to tackle societal challenges and give opportunities to young kids in rural areas and refugee camps. Alongside that, in (2017 – current), she started volunteering with a grassroots non-profit initiative called Equal Playing Field (EPF) to challenge gender inequality in football and promote sport development for girls and women globally by breaking world records. In (2020) Yasmeen was part of the local organizing committee of the Jordan Olympic Committee for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Asia/Oceania Road to Tokyo 2020 Boxing Qualifiers.