7 days to go!
7 days to go!

7 days to go!

2018-04-27 05:02:42

12 months ago, Muslim women around the world committed to creating a ‘Global Home for Muslim Women in Sport.’
Fast forward one year and what was an idea, is now becoming a reality.

The reality is that, as is the case with many game changers, time is sparse, and resources are limited and just as this summit’s theme is about Innovation in Sport, we needed to think about creative ways to get the message out at a pivotal time in women’s sport. We have a message and it needs to get out there utilizing free, easily accessible tools – the internet.

Our speakers are lining up nicely!
We are very much looking forward to some insightful conversations with these women across the globe sharing stories, tools, strategies across the 3 different themes: Athlete Activism; Sport for Development; Business, Leadership and Research. Just 3 weeks ago, MWSN cofounders Rimla Akhtar and Assmaah Helal were invited to be part of an incredibly important expedition with the Equal Playing Field Initiative, with athletes and game-changers in football to break a world record by playing in the world’s lowest altitude match in the Dead Sea in Jordan, supported by HRH Prince Ali, to spread the important message of equal, accessible playing opportunities for girls in the region. The expedition kicked off with a 10-day hike through Jordan’s wonderous desert and ancient ruins with the team sleeping under the stars with Bedouin communities and delivering four football clinics to over 700 girls collectively across the nation. Jordanian coordinators of the EPF, Haneen and Yasmeen were instrumental to the success of the Jordan Quest and will be driving the legacy of this initiative along with a number other Jordanian women and NGOs. The MWSN are excited to have Haneen and Yasmeen as speakers during the summit to talk about the Jordan Quest, what it’s like to break TWO world records playing in the highest and lowest football matches, and the important work they do in their respective organizations using sport as a tool for social change.

This summit will redirect the conversations about Muslim women in Sport away from obsessions around the hijab and dress code and more towards their contributions to and achievements in sport. The summit will highlight the future of sport in particular regions such as ground-breaking initiatives and businesses to drive sport for women in Saudi Arabia; showcasing how Hajra Khan, Pakistan national women’s football team captain is using her position to raise awareness about mental health and menstrual hygiene for girls and more.

Come prepared with questions, as there will be opportunities to interact live with the speakers! Check out the MWSN schedule here and make sure to save it in your calendars.

Registration is free and you will have access to the talks post-summit.