Our Mission is to amplify the voices of Muslim women in sport and inspire Muslim women globally.

Muslim women around the world have been and are actively engaging in sport at various levels as athletes, program managers, journalists, coaches, administrators, researchers, executives, and entrepreneurs. Often the discourse, when engaging with Muslim women in sport is focused on the dress-code and overcoming cultural and religious barriers. Decisions made around policy, program design and engagement related to Muslim women in sport is void of any consultation or meaningful engagement and leadership from Muslim women.

It is time Muslim women instruct decision and policymakers on what it means to be a Muslim woman in sport and shed light on the diversity of Muslim women.

On March 2017, Muslim women around the world committed to creating a ‘Global Home for Muslim Women in Sport.’ The group is led by Muslim women from around the world who are actively involved in sport from various disciplines and are advancing the status and recognition of the role that Muslim women play in sport.


To facilitate a platform for (Muslim women) leading industry practitioners, athletes, and thought leaders, across various sporting industries (grassroots, social change/development, business, marketing, media etc.) to share their stories
To increase education and strengthen understanding of how Muslim women should be perceived and engaged in sport
To create a positive online community that will contribute to changing mindsets and promoting social change
To develop the MWiSN brand and to expand the network that will contribute to achieving the network’s long-term goals


Dr. Rimla Akhtar
United Kingdom
Assmaah Helal
Dr. Nida Ahmad
United States of America (Residing in New Zealand)
Indira Khaljo
Sports Director/Basketball Player/Coach
United States of America
Shireen Ahmed
Sports Journalist