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Dr Nida Ahmad

Researcher/Sports Practitioner/Consultant, United States of America (Based in Aotearoa New Zealand)

Dr Nida Ahmad has been collaborating with non-profit organizations, think tanks, and sports organizations for over a decade. Her PhD is revolutionary since its the first to explore how Muslim sportswomen use social media to self-represent aspects of their lives. Her research sits at the intersections of social media, sports, gender, religion, and ethnicity. As a recipient of Barbara Brown student paper award and the Gary Sailes Graduate Diversity Scholarship – Nida has been invited to participate as a speaker at various conferences around the globe to speak to issues on diversity, inclusion and equality in sports. Currently, is she co-leading a project which is examining Muslim women’s sporting practices in Aotearoa New Zealand. Nida’s research has helped to promote the varied exciting, ground-breaking lives of Muslim Sportswomen around the globe. Over the years, Nida has sought out athletic challenges that pushed her limits – from ‘crack of dawn’ outdoor workouts, obstacle races, Crossfit (including learning how to surf – while researching for her PhD!). Nida is a member of the executive committee of the Muslim Women in Sport Network.