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Imane Talhi

Coach, Algeria

Imane Talhi was born in 1994 in Algeria. Growing up, she was always interested in Sports, volunteering and social activities. After graduating from high school, she joined Algiers university where she did double major and got her bachelor degrees in 2017 in physical education and business law Later on, in 2019 she finished her master’s degree in physical education and currently, she is pursuing her PhD. In 2018, Imane won “the best female professor of sports” award in Algeria given to her by the Arab League in Egypt under the auspices of the Egyptian president. By the end of 2019, along with four other individuals, Imane was chosen as an ambassador of the Algerian youth by the UNFPA to participate in the youth forum in Tunisia to which aimed to discuss and find solutions for the problems of youth, the forum included 250 ambassadors from 22 Arab countries with VIPs and ministers. Imane continues to promote the culture of women’s.