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Nooralhuda Dajani

MEPOWER Founder and CrossFit coach, Jordan

Nooralhuda Dajani is the founder of MEPOWER – The Resilience Practice, a program to teach resilience skills through high-intensity workouts. Noor was the first Female CrossFit Level 3 coach in the Middle East, She is also a certified Olympic Weightlifting coach. Recently, she started her own journey as an Olympic Weightlifting athlete. Noor was part of the 2019 U.S. Department of State’s Global Sports Mentoring Program during which she was sponsored by New Balance to run the New York Marathon. Noor has been featured on ESPN, Morning Chalk Up and other local and regional media. In 2018, she was a TedXwomen speaker presenting the methodology she created for her program MEPOWER. She is also the co-creator and project coordinator for a book that was launched in March 2020 named Empowering Women through Healthy Living – Jordan. Noor is the mother of a 7 years old boy and a 2 years old girl. Currently, she coaches full time at CrossFit Crescent in Amman-Jordan.

LinkedIn: Nooralhuda Dajani
Instagram: noor.dajani
Facebook: Nooralhuda Dajani