Amna Al Qubaisi
Amna Al Qubaisi

Amna Al Qubaisi

Formula E Test Driver
United Arab Emirates

Amna is the very first Emirati female racing driver. On the 16th of December 2018, she became the first Middle Eastern woman to take part in a motorsport test program for Formula E after the Ad Diriyah ePrix in Saudi Arabia. This was just a few months after a ban, prohibiting all women from driving, was lifted within Saudi Arabia on the 24th of June 2018. She was also the first female Arab to win the UAE Karting Championship and participate at the world championships in 2016 and 2017.


What is your favourite sport? Motorsport and gymnastics
What drives you? Adrenaline and speed!
What was your defining moment to get to where you are now? All the years of hardwork and traveling to Europe every now and then to get the experience I needed brought me to where I am today
What is your first sporting memory? The first time I sat on a kart, fearing the unknown, and never realizing that it would become more than a hobby
Who is your inspirational woman in sport? All the female drivers that I’ve met and who became my friends are all an inspiration to this sport, as it’s known to be male-dominated.  Seeing women breaking paradigms is creating opportunities for us all.
Why is sport important? Because it is a strong social asset as it boosts my self confidence and keeps me healthy