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Amar Hadid

Skaterboarder, Australia

Amar is a 21-year-old Sydney University student and Elite Athlete. An‬ accomplished sportsperson awarded the world’s first university skateboarding scholarship, in 2017 till current. She is an international skateboarder seeking selection in the Australian Tokyo ‭Olympics team, placing on the podium in the National Park Championship 2020. She has been twice selected as an Australia Day Ambassador in 2019 and 2020. She is also a rapper, with a passionate ‬belief that engagement is the answer to international hope and sustainable equality for women, sports, education and a healthier world. ‬‬Amar as a sportsperson has enjoyed one of the strongest media coverages in National Television, Radio, newspapers and online sites. She strives for progress and overall universal harmony.

Instagram: @amar_hd