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Azmeena Hussain

Director, Football Federation Victoria, Australia

Azmeena is known widely for her passion for sport as a vehicle for social inclusion. She joined the Board of Football Federation Victoria in March 2019 but prior to this, she was known for her active support of Australian Football League as a Multicultural Ambassador since 2013. She uses her position as one of Australia’s pre-eminent personal injuries lawyer at Maurice Blackburn to host events and initiatives which advance social inclusion and connectedness and an opportunity to engage and learn about the Muslim faith.

She has used the powerful vehicle of sport as a way of bridging the gap for many young people from multicultural backgrounds. Her Non-Executive Director role with Football Federation Victoria is of great significance, with religious, cultural and gender diversity not often represented in senior governance roles in sporting organisations at State and National level. Azmeena uses her platform to influence the sporting industry in Victoria in a positive way, bringing excellence in governance to the FV board table, as well as to the local community sporting events that she supports. She has forged an important path for women of all backgrounds in the sports sector and continues to be an amazing advocate for diversity at all levels of sport.