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Rabia S Ahmad

VP at Magnus Sports Pakistan, Pakistan

Rabia S. Ahmed is one of the few women working in sports marketing and management in Pakistan. As the VP at Magnus Sports Pakistan, she is currently working to promote athletes from multiple sports, secure sponsorships, increase brand awareness as well as build collaborative partnerships on behalf of the company within the sports ecosystem. Rabia describes herself as a self-starter and a risk-taker. After graduating from law school, she began spending her free time learning more about the industry within Pakistan. She felt that not much effort was being put in to promote sports other than Cricket and something had to be done to change things. In 2016, she decided to pursue a full-time career in sports and joined a local sports agency. She wanted to work towards changing the landscape of sports in Pakistan. Rabia’s thirst for knowledge in sports led her to apply for, and get elected as a mentee for LawinSport UK mentorship programme.

Rabia enjoys working with athletes from different sports and is striving to elevate the level of professional sports in a cricket-obsessed country. One of the recent projects she is working on for Magnus Sports is a weekly online live talk show. The purpose of the show is to encourage peer to peer discussions on sports and to bring forth Pakistan’s sports talent to the wider audience.
Because she loves talking to people about their careers in sports, Rabia hosts a podcast to talk about what’s brewing in the sports industry, by the name of ‘What’s the Brew?’. Due to her interest in action photography, she also volunteered as a photographer at sports events like the SAF Women’s Football Championship, football, baseball and polo events.

Twitter: @rabiasahmed