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Rasha Al Khamis

Member of Women Committee, Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee, Saudi Arabia

Rasha is a multi-sports enthusiast who has been part of the mountain climbing expeditions such as Kilimanjaro. Rasha is a semi-professional footballer and is the first woman to become a certified boxing coach in Saudi Arabia earning her license from the Saudi Arabian Boxing Federation. She uses her skills as a coach to inspire other women in Saudi Arabia and has been influential in growing the sport for women there. Currently, Rasha works is a full-time management consultant with a multinational firm working on Sports projects such as sports mass participation, developing strategies for federations, high-performance athlete pathways, Sports Monetization and privatizations but also holds roles in the Saudi Olympic Committee on the Women’s Committee, also a board member on the Saudi and Asian boxing Federations where she encourages and promotes other women to become elite athletes.

Instagram: Rasha_Alkhamis
Twitter: @RAlkhamis