Shameema Yousuf
Shameema Yousuf

Shameema Yousuf

Sport and Exercise Psychologist
United Kingdom

Shameema Yousuf is a Sport and Performance Psychologist and Mental Health Counsellor committed to impacting the lives of youth and adults in sport. Her work has been led internationally impacting communities at a grassroots level in sport, and at the professional and elite level. In the USA she was instrumental in developing a leadership program structure and life skills curriculum that was adopted by the US Tennis Association in their community programs across the US. She was instrumental in developing a psychology program to support the performance, wellbeing, growth and development of professional and elite female footballers in UK’s FA Super League, and her work extends to support of the Zimbabwean Olympic Committee. Alongside her efforts to develop individuals and help them thrive in their space, she is active in delivering her work at conferences where she speaks on topics of diversity, inclusion, wellbeing, and performance. She is a published book chapter co-author and has featured in mainstream media in the UK and Zimbabwe. Since 2014, she has been serving various Committees of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, a US organisation. This has included being active in diversity and social justice causes within sport on the AASP Diversity Committee since 2017. She has helped shape ethical codes of practice in the sport psychology field by being an expert contributor and writer of the Ethics Codes for the International Society of Sport Psychology, and for Association for Applied Sport Psychology.

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