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Indira Khaljo

Sports Director/Basketball Player/Coach, United States of America

Indira Kaljo, holds a Masters in Science with an emphasis in Physical Education from  Azusa Pacific University. She is a basketball player who currently plays for Jeddah United in Saudi Arabia and she also coaches the team. Recently, the Saudi’s women’s basketball team played for the first time at the 2018 Arab Women’s Sports Tournament. Prior to coaching and playing for Jeddah United, Indira played professionally in Europe.

She is the founder of NGO Global Aktivne which empowers girls and women worldwide by working together to promote education, health, global socioeconomic change, art, and sports in their communities. She is also the Co-founder of Hoopers Basketball Academy for youth in Jeddah. In 2014, she started the #FIBAAllowHijab campaign to change the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) policy which prohibited individuals whose religious practice of head-covering (hijab, turban, yarmulkes, etc.) from playing professionally and finally on May 4, 2017, the FIBA ruling was overturned.

Indira has spoken at several events such as the 2015 Doha GOALS Forum speaking to changing perceptions of women in sport and about equal opportunity to play sports. She has been invited to speak at the Remarkable Women Summit in Turkey on International Women’s Day.

Indira’s other passions include traveling, reading, and spending time with family. Her love for NGO work began from a young age as she was inspired to volunteer and give a helping hand by her late mother, Almadina and the entire family. Indira believes many global issues can be solved through education, sport, engagement, and empowerment of children and women.